Monday, June 14, 2010

Africa's Vicious CHRISTIAN Terrorist Army

Americans like to vilify radical Islam, to blame Islam for all of the war, terrorism and poverty in the Middle East and Africa. How often have you heard about how much better Christians are than Muslims? How many times have listened to Muslims defending Islam as a religion of peace after Christians called it a terrorist front?

But did you know that one of the most evil organizations in Africa is a Christian terrorist army? The Lord's Resistance Army (LRA), founded on the Ten Commandments and Christian principles, is responsible for tens of thousands of deaths, for conscripting thousands of underage girls as prostitutes for their soldiers, for abducting thousands of young boys and forcing them to fight, and for the massacre of thousands of civilians in a series of senseless attacks on villages, usually by hacking them to death with machetes.

Any Christian who knows the history of the LRA will immediately jump up and say, "They're not real Christians!" Digging around the internet for less than five minutes, I found comments like these:
"The Bible forbids spiritism. So these people aren't Christians."

" The LRA are not Christian. While they claim to be Christian, their actions, allies, and beliefs seem to indicate that they are in fact, largely supporting the Muslim cause."

"It is antithetical to the teaching of Christianity. Those who participate is such [sic] are not Christians though they may claim such. Christians neither kill their babies nor their neighbors."
Not only do they deny that these people are Christians, but some even claim that they are Muslim, thus turning blame for the LRA'a atrocities back on Islam!

But you can't have it both ways. You can't say that the LRA's actions aren't Christian, but not apply the same forgiveness to Islam. You can hold both religions responsible for their follower's actions, or neither. But it's dishonest to blame Muslim terrorism on Islam while letting Christianity off the hook for the actions of the LRA.

The simple fact is that both Christianity and Islam are used to justify atrocities, and have been since their very beginnings. Modern Christians are a peace-loving group as a whole, dedicated to improving the world, but that doesn't let Christianity off the hook. Christian history is filled with horrible atrocities, unjust wars, and support of slavery and genocide. The LRA is just the trailing edge of a long and sordid past.

Christians who blame Islam for the world's woes should first accept their own religion's ugly past. Both religions bear a huge burden of guilt. If Christians would frankly admit their own religion's ugly past, their criticism of modern Islam would carry far more weight.

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