Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Hypocrite's Club: Glen Beck Attacks Obama's Children

Last week I wrote about The Liar's Club, people who are willing to lie for their political viewpoint. Glenn Beck made it into that club with no dissenting votes.

Well, today he's joining the rarefied strata of society of people who belong to both the Liar's Club and the Hypocrite's Club! Congratulations, Glenn, it's quite an accomplishment. After making a huge stink about how the media should leave politicians' children alone, Glenn spent over four minutes insulting the intelligence and education of Malia Obama, the President's eleven-year-old daughter.

We're not talking about a passing joke. We're not talking about a mild insult. We're talking about an extended conversation filled with cruel, satirical imitation and insults.

Glenn had to work hard to get this new nomination to the Hypocrites Club. First, he had to tell us, repeatedly and with great feeling, that the media should leave politician's children alone. He was particularly concerned about Sarah Palin when her daughter got pregnant and was the subject of all sorts of inappropriate press coverage. On his radio program he was emphatic: "Leave people's families alone!" It's a recurrent theme with Glenn.

So he set up his nomination to the Hypocrite's Club perfectly: Take a stance on something important and repeat it loudly and with great vehemence on a hugely popular radio program. Then when your own temptation comes along, ignore your own stance completely, and do exactly what you've been railing against for so long. Hey Glenn, maybe we'll nominate you as the new president of the Hypocrites Club! Good job!

Glenn did have the courage to apologize, but to little, too weak, and too late.

If you feel up to being revolted, just listen to Glenn's own words. It's disgusting.

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