Tuesday, June 15, 2010

No Forgiveness From Christian School

Is Southland Christian School trying to encourage lying and abortions? It sure seems like it.

The Christian school in St. Cloud, Florida fired teacher Jarretta Hamilton because she became pregnant three weeks before her wedding date. When she asked for maternity benefits, someone at the school asked her when she'd become pregnant and she told the truth. They promptly fired her for "fornication" – sex outside of marriage.

Now I may not be a Christian, but I grew up in Christian society and have studied it extensively. Their concept of confession and forgiveness always struck me as peculiar, but it's their way. If you make a mistake and are sorry, you make amends, you're forgiven and it's over and done. Right? So you'd think if Mrs. Hamilton was honest about her mistake, the Southland Christian School would applaud her honesty. If she confessed her sins to Christ and asked for forgiveness, He would forgive her, so you'd think the school would do the same.

Apparently not.

And consider the fact that Mrs. Hamilton didn't get an abortion to cover up her fornication. Other less honest and less Christian teachers might have done that, and would still be teaching at the school today. You'd think the Southland Christian School would congratulate Mrs. Hamilton for bringing a beautiful, healthy new Christian soul into the world.

The hypocrisy of the Southland Christian School is quite amazing. They know full well that there are plenty of sinners in their midst. If they're serious about their morality clause, they should require all unmarried teachers to confirm, on a regular basis, that they're still virgins. The only one they fired is the one who was honest and confessed to her mistake.

Or maybe they should just mind their own business and let the sins of their teachers be between the teachers, their priests and the God they worship.


  1. From what (little) I've read on this case it seems to me not so much a matter of encouraging and maintaining moral principles by the school but more a matter of a convenient excuse not to provide maternity benefits.

    One notes that the question of when Ms. Hamilton became pregnant occurred after discussion of how her receiving maternity benefits would place a financial burden upon the school.

  2. Stephan - Interesting observation.

    I also noted that Mrs. Hamilton is black and her husband is white, and they live in the South. I hope there was no racism involved...


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