Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Bin Laden Burial Illustrates Why Religion Sucks

In one concise phrase, The Huffington post summed up the core problem of religion. In an article about Osama bin Laden's burial, they wrote (emphasis added):
Although there appears to be some room for debate over the burial – as with many issues within the faith – a wide range of senior Islamic scholars interpreted it as a humiliating disregard for the standard Muslim practice of placing the body in a grave with the head pointed toward the holy city of Mecca.
Religious people claim that their Bible, Torah or Qur'an contain the answers to all questions of morality and law. They say we poor humans are incapable of knowing right from wrong, so God has provided us with all of the answers.

If that's true, then why is it so hard to figure out how to bury Osama bin Laden's body?

If God was so clever and wrote everything down for us in black and white, why does every question have a dozen "scholars" with a dozen different opinions? It seems to me that the rituals for burial would be pretty simple and clear. But Islamic scholars are all up in arms about whether it was OK to bury Osama bin Laden's body at sea.

Osama bin Laden directly killed thousands of innocent men, women and children. Through his organization he triggered two wars and caused hundreds of thousands of deaths. That's hundreds of thousands of bodies that had to be cremated, buried underground, or buried at sea. What about the bodies that were never even found?

If Muslim scholars can't even agree on what the Qur'an says about burying a terrorist's body, how can they find answers about terrorism and war?


  1. This is what shows religion to be made up. The usual excuse it that there are many different paths, but all lead to god, but that's weak. All that shows us is people fill the need for the supernatural according to their particular culture. If none of them have it wrong, then how can any of them have it right? It's a human construct that isn't good for us.

  2. It's all so much rampant ignorance and idiocy. I think it showed an unnatural amount of respect for the US Military to dispose of the body as it did, and some religious types will always have some complaint lined up and ready to go regardless of how it's handled. Religion is a tool, not a divinely-inspired way of life.

  3. They should be happy to be rid of that piece of garbage, you know, if they really are a religion of peace. Osama deserves no respect whatsoever, dead or alive, from any civilized person.


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