Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Christians Hire Airplane to Warn of Disney Gay Day

This is really disgusting. Florida Family Association (FFA), an anti-gay Christian group, hired an airplane to circle Disney World for two days in Florida with a sign warning families to stay away because of Gay Pride Days. And they're proud of their bigotry:
“I think it was a brilliant thing. It has never been done before and I think it’s very appropriate in light of the very inappropriate nature that was going on at the time,” said John Stemberger, president of the Florida Family Policy Council, to The Christian Post on Monday.
They go on to cite bogus statistics crowing about their success with the dubious claim that attendance was down fifty to sixty percent. (Disney World hasn't released attendance figures, so this Christian hate group is basically making up self-congratulatory lies.)

But forget about bragging or rhetoric. What did FFA think Disney was supposed to do about Gay Pride Day? Ban the gays? Break the law?

Assume for a minute that FFA's immoral boycott worked. That means FFA basically punished Disney for being a law-abiding company. Was Disney supposed to interrogate every guest that arrived at its gates? Was Disney supposed to say, "Sorry, you look too gay for our family-friendly park"? When the Gay Pride organization approached Disney for group discounts, was Disney supposed to turn them away?

In other words, even if Disney wanted to discriminate (which they don't), their hands were tied. So FFA knew that Disney wouldn't and couldn't do anything. So why did FFA spend thousands of dollars flying an airplane around Disney World?

The real story here is that FFA was looking for publicity. That's it. They're nothing more than attention whores, getting publicity at the expense of the Disney corporation and the LGBT community.

It's hard to know if they had any effect on attendance – it may have actually been up – but if they actually did hurt Disney's income, then FFA's immorality was compounded. They're spouting hate speech against gays and lesbians, and they're hurting a law-abiding company that tries to stay out of politics and just have fun.

FFA is following in the tracks of the Westboro Baptist Church and Pastor Terry Jones. They don't care about who they hurt as long as they make the headlines.

I hope and believe that most Americans have better morals than FFA. I believe this sort of behavior by FFA and other right-wing Christian groups drives people away from Christianity. It's one of the reasons Christianity is dying in America.

(Disclaimer: My daughter works at Disney World in Florida.)


  1. Well, my grandfather was not allowed in back in the 60s due to his long hair.

  2. I have to say, if I were planning on going to D-land, I'd pick Gay Day to go. Shorter lines and fewer intolerant mommies and daddies with their bratty kids! Sounds like heaven to me.

  3. The right to express your beliefs even if they are unpopular and considered wrong by members of other belief sects is something that should be tolerated as long as you don't impinge on the rights of other beliefs.

    If you don't like their beliefs then hire a plane to express yours...even if it is a bit on the silly side to use a plane to begin with.

  4. And then hire a plane to shoot that plane down, and so on and so forth.

  5. Find out the percentage of Disney World visitors who come from outside the region. Those people did not change their plans. They had their vacations planned weeks or months ago. And, people who planned to attend across multiple days likely already paid ahead of time, so Disney wasn't missing their money.

  6. They have every right to express their beliefs and they see fit and so do I. My opinion is that it is too bad they spent $7,000 to spew hate when they could have fed the hungry or clothed the naked as Jesus would have them do to the least the those his bretheren. Just sayin there are a lot more charitable things to do with the money spent on spewing hate in my opinion.

  7. They have the right to be treated as the assholes they are.

    Were they expecting to save those poor innocent christians from the terrible experience of mixing by accident with gay people?

    "Jesus! I was going to go to Disney today. Thank God for the FFA! Now my children will be safe away from those wicked gays!"

  8. Definitely not going during ths time. Why not just enjoy the park without making such an extreme in your face statement about your same sex choice. Who cares. Sexual preference promotion and celebration should not be demonstrated in a family themed park. We have a right to be informed and go another time without the freak show. That's just not the type of entertainment families wish to view with our without children.

  9. Just for the non-Cast Members out there, Disney would never ban rainbow folk anyway--a lot of CMs are rainbow folk, and Disney is consistently one of the most accepting and supportive employers for those who are lgb AND trans.

    Sorry FFA, but I guess Disney is just too accepting and happy for your taste.

  10. My Family from up North didnt delay their vacation. They went to. Bush Gardens instead.


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