Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Send Pastor Terry Jones to Afghanistan to Burn a Quran

I have the perfect solution for Pastor Terry Jones! Let's give him a ride to downtown Kabul in Afghanistan, and give him a Quran and a book of matches. Then we'll see just how committed to Christ and the Bible he really is!

I'll bet General Petraeus, who has strongly condemned Jones, would be happy to help out. Why, I'll bet Petraeus would love to give Jones a ride in a nice, fast jet straight from Florida to the front lines.

But maybe Petraeus doesn't want to rile things up in Afghanistan – who could blame him? So here's a better idea: Pakistan. It seems the United States Embassy in Pakistan has also condemned Jones for his self-centered, unpatriotic and foolhardy grandstanding. I'll bet they'd be glad to give him a ticket to Pakistan. The embassy could take Jones down to the center of Islamabad, hand him a Quran (they have a lot of Qurans in Pakistan) and a match, and let Jones do his grandstanding there!

It seems to me if Jones is really committed to Jesus and his Bible, he'd want to take his message right to the infidels. Why preach to Christians, they're already saved! Show those Muslims that their Holy Quran is false! Just think of the impact it would have if Jones burned a Quran in front of thousands of Muslims, right in the heart of Islamabad! Why, they'd have to be impressed by his commitment to Christianity! Surely they'd realize the error of their ways.

So pass this along to your friends, and tell them to forward it to Pastor Jones' Dove World Outreach Center. Pastor Terry Jones, we're counting on you! Go to Afghanistan, go to Pakistan, show those pagan infidel Muslims just how strong Jesus is in your heart!


  1. LOLLL !!!!! I support this !
    Or maybe Saudi Arabia, in front of the grand mosque !

  2. I'll chip in a few bucks to help it happen.

  3. Yet another glorious example of the fine line between bravery and idiocy on Jones's behalf.
    I don't coddle Islam, but I don't think burning the Korans is a good idea, just for the record.

  4. I wonder how many Harry Potter books this tiny church has burned for accounts of (gasp!) paganism and witchcraft. But then, the pagans and witches didn't bring down the Twin Towers. Meh, haters gonna hate.

  5. Muslim here, just wanted to say, great blog.


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