Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Why a Christian Nation would be a Disaster

There's a great article over at AlterNet.org:
Conservatives Want America to be a "Christian Nation" -- Here's What That Would Actually Look Like
I urge everyone to read it. In a nutshell, true Christian values, as defined in the Bible, would mean:
  • A King
  • Only theocratic law
  • No democracy, no voting
  • Slavery
  • No women's rights
  • Homosexuals would be killed
  • Enemies would be utterly vanquished without mercy
... and much, much more. Check it out.


  1. The article's sort of missing the point. A "Christian nation" is merely a nation where the population is mostly Christian and lives by Christian values (honesty, not killing, etc). The Bible only includes monarchies because that was the only government type in that area at that time. Racist monarchy is the setting of the Bible, not the moral lesson.

  2. Vid – your semantic point is a good one, one that I've made myself. There's a big difference between a Christian theocracy and a nation of Christians. However, I believe you are mistaken in your definition of the phrase. Many Christian politicians, especially the "dominionists," mean "a nation ruled by Christian biblical law" when they say "Christian nation." Certainly not everyone uses the phrase that way, but enough do that you can't assume that a person means "nation of Christians" when they say "Christian nation."

    You're mistaken about how these people view the Bible. Many Christians who advocate a Christian theocracy in America actually do want to follow all of its laws, including a theocratic monarchy.

  3. In the new testament, the necessarity for a King is never mentioned, nor that the law must only contain biblical commandments - the law shouldn't contradict the bible though. There is no mentioning in the bible against democracy or voting either - though leaders in the church should be chosen by God and not by voting.
    Slavery was never commanded by God. In fact, He commanded the jews to threat their slaves rightously. And Apostle Paul suggests that in the new testament, too.
    For the jewish people, it is true, that (in the old testament), women had not much rights, but men were always commanded to threat their wifes with respect and rightously, and in the new testament Paul tells couples to serve each other and live for each other.
    Homosexuals would not be killed. That happened in the old testament, because God did not want this sort of sin among His people. In the new testament, where christians are under the new covenant, homosexuals shouldn't be killed, but mercy should be shown to all people, though it is a sin, and if people don't repent from this, they won't find salvation.
    Where did God command us to kill our enemies in the new testament? In the new testament the bible says, that not people are our enemies, but spiritual powers, it even says: "Love your enemies".

    1. Sigh, cognitive dissonance with mental gymnastics like always. When will you apologists AKA Liars for Mythological Jesus ever learn?


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