Monday, October 24, 2011

Herman Cain Happy to Usurp States on Abortion, Marriage

What ever happened to honest conservatives? You know, the ones that believed in minimal government, states rights and individual freedom?

It seems they're turning those tasks over to the liberals. When it comes to abortion, marriage, gay rights and religion, the Republicans are showing their true colors: the conservatives are one hundred percent in favor of taking away individual liberties and states' rights.

CBN (the Christian Broadcasting Network) got an exclusive interview with Herman Cain that perfectly illustrates how Republicans are advocating a federal takeover.
"Yes I feel that strongly about [a pro-life Constitutional amendment banning abortion]. If we can get the necessary support and it comes to my desk I’ll sign it. That’s all I can do. I will sign it. ... I think marriage should be protected at the federal level also. I used to believe that it could be just handled by the states but there’s a movement going on to basically take the teeth out of the 1996 Defense of Marriage Act ... we do need some protection at the federal level ... I would support legislation that would say that it’s between a man and a woman.
I just don't get how Republicans can talk out of both sides of their mouths with such ease. One minute they paint the federal government as a huge, evil, corrupt beast that is sucking the country dry, interfering with free trade and taking away our guns. The next minute, they want the federal government in our bedrooms, doctors' offices and wedding ceremonies.

But there is one good thing coming out of the Republican party this election. The candidates are eating each other alive. They're trying to out-conservative each other in order to appease the Tea Baggers Party, and in the process they are alienating moderate Americans so badly that President Obama may have a virtual cakewalk to his reelection.


  1. Well any competition the Republicans are having among each other is a good thing. It's a sort of natural selection; the best candidate will be the one who comes out on top. And no matter how much damage the republican candidates do to each other, they can't come close to the damage Obama's doing to himself through his destructive liberalism.

  2. Vid – You mean like: end the unnecessary war we fought in Iraq, stop the hemmorhaging of jobs instigated by the Bush administration, bring the Bush-era recession to a halt before it turned into a full-fledged depression, kill most of bin Laden and his associates that Bush failed to catch, help overthrow Libya's dictator without losing a single American life, and begin to restore America's tarnished record around the world? Yeah, I'd call that damage ... or was it just repairing the damage that Bush and his puppetmasters caused?

  3. Obama's only problem was not being liberal and progressive enough. He had (and probably still has) too much faith that the conservatives were people who could be reasoned with.


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