Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Helping Christians Push Back Against the Gay Agenda in the Classroom

Wow, it seems that Christians, who vastly outnumber all other faiths and atheists combined, are a persecuted minority in America! Those darned gay activists are managing to kick Christians around the block and force their gayness on everyone.

Today's underdog is Focus on Family. In this amazing video, we learn just how sinister the homosexual agenda is!
We've got some back-to-school tools that will help you identify and push back against the gay agenda in the classroom.

If there's one characteristic trait of the gay agenda in the public school system it's this: it's sneaky! ... It's designed to look like something else to make it hard for parents to realize what's going on. ... Homosexual activists have become very adept ... at sneaking in these homosexuality lessons into things with innocent sounding titles. ... We've seen teachers give books to students in the name of 'diversity lessons,' and let me just mention that the gay activists have become very adept at using ... cute little pictures of furry animals ... to familiarize [children] with the whole idea of same-sex parenting and gay marriage.

That's the key to this whole thing. We need to be accepting and embracing and tolerant, but there's not a lot of tolerance and embracing and accepting of Christian values and the families that want their children raised with Christian values.
Do I have this right? They're facing discrimination and intolerance ... because they're not allowed to discriminate against gays? Yes, that's what they're saying: its anti-Christian discrimination when Christians aren't allowed to discriminate.

What's really scary about this video is how they've completely twisted their hatred of homosexuality into a paranoid delusion. Nobody, nobody, is pushing homosexuality on anyone. These wonderful school programs are teaching tolerance and acceptance. And it's about race, religion, culture, language, class and homosexuality. It's about tolerance and respect, not advocacy.

But to listen to Focus on Family, you'd think children are being indoctrinated into gayness.

So why are these Christian extremists so paranoid? What is it about the gay/lesbian lifestyle that makes them so afraid?

It's simple. The concept of sin requires free will. Something can't be a sin if we have no choice. The Bible says homosexuality is a sin. Therefore, homosexuality must be a choice. The Bible says it, so it must be true. Never mind that science has shown otherwise, that in fact our sexual orientation is part of our basic genetic makeup.

There is a tragic irony to this. If these Christian extremists could accept the truth, that homosexuality is not a choice, then they'd know that nobody is poisoning their children's minds. They'd realize that we are what we are, and they could become accepting, tolerant and even loving of their gay and lesbian brothers, sisters, neighbors and friends.

Instead, they create these videos of their paranoid rants.


  1. This is so outrageous! Buddhists, Pagans, and Atheists must be the most tolerant people in the world if we can put up with crap the Semitic-based faiths have thrown at us through the ages. Just because a monkey might fling poop at you doesn't mean you have to catch it! Weird metaphor, but effective.

  2. "...very adept at using...cute little pictures of furry familiarize [children] with the whole idea of same-sex parenting and gay marriage."

    Really? They are? Was he referring Bert & Ernie? Or the Teletubbies? It's utter nonsense made to scare ever-fearful xtian parents. It's called lyin' for jesus.

    I might add that there's never been a sneakier, more insidious group than the xtians.

  3. I look at the question of why they are afraid a little differently. Freud said we were all bisexual as children and that we only fixate on one sex or the other (if we don't remain bisexual) at sexual maturity. This would mean that all heterosexuals have some repressed vestiges of homosexual desire and all homosexuals have some repressed vestiges of heterosexual desire. Now I'm sure the homosexuals are not troubled by this, but many heterosexuals are. It's not just the Christians. There are non-Christian gay bashers. And most of us heterosexuals guys joke around about performing gay sex acts in order to vent the anxiety that such feelings arouse when we are close to each other.

    This kind of response from the kookier end of the Christian spectrum is not helpful, but it is only one example of what happens when people fail to embrace the whole of themselves and thus end up at war with those who remind them of what they can't accept in themselves. Jesus said we should love our enemies. By this I think he meant we should try to learn to understand and accept the parts of ourselves at which we were at war in order to form a bond of loving acceptance with all. Not acceptance of destructive or intolerant behaviour obviously but of the whole nature of the other person.

  4. Christians and Christianity, according to scripture should be embracing all humanity, not judging them, Christians and Christianity has NO place judging anyone at all. So sayeth the lord Jesus Christ.

    People who are uptight about others due to their lifestyle or sexual preferences have no authority or right given from the bible or from the tenets of christianity.

  5. As a straight Christian male I can honestly say this is disgusting. Talking to your kid about loving others does not turn them gay. So many bigots. If you are a gay man or woman reading this I am sorry. This people are not Christians. You are loved. Jesus loves you.


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