Friday, September 17, 2010

Kicking the Pope Around ... Again.

After losing the California governor's race in 1962, Richard Nixon gave his famous reply, "You won't have Nixon to kick around anymore..." He blamed the media, rather than his own arrogance and poorly run campaign, for the loss.

When is Pope Benedict XVI going to give us the same pleasure? When is modern history's most unloved Pope going to do the right thing and resign his corrupt reign of indifference? Even Santa Claus wants Benedict to resign!

The Pope's remarks to a UK audience yesterday in which he compared modern atheists and secularists to Hitler are so pathetic it challenges my ability to make a witty remark. Doesn't he know about Godwin's Law? By mentioning Hitler, he automatically lost the debate and he doesn't even know it!

What seems to concern Benedict today? Could it be the safety of our children? Not likely given the Church's stench of evil. Or maybe prosecuting pedophile priests? Wrong again. What about the AIDS crisis that is destroying Africa? No, he doesn't care about that. Wars? Well, he's definitely against that, but it's not top on his list.

Benedict showed us what really worries him the most when he warned Brits that they must "stave off the threat of forms of aggressive secularism." In other words, he's more concerned with Christianity's decline than the reasons for the decline.

Benedict needs only to look in the mirror to see why people are disgusted by the Roman Catholic Church. The Church's utter indifference to the needs of humanity and to the suffering it causes by its so-called morality is enough to drive any truly moral person away from Christianity and into the welcoming arms of the secular community.

Yesterday's speech by the Pope illustrated once again that he is completely clueless. I'm tired of writing this stuff, and I imagine the mainstream media are feeling the same way. He should follow in Nixon's steps and give up so that we can stop kicking him around. And maybe, just maybe, the Roman Catholic Church can replace him with a Pope who actually cares about humanity.

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