Thursday, September 16, 2010

New Zealand Earthquake: God Thanked ... for Building Codes!

Reader "JJJ" sends this little tidbit.

Most of Christchurch, New Zealand city officials were praising engineers and architects last week after the city was hit by a massive earthquake that shifted the ground by fourteen feet. In decades past, the city's building codes were updated and many buildings were reinforced to better withstand earthquakes, and this foresight paid off big time. There was very little loss of life; the retrofitting was a huge success.

But the Angelican Dean of Christchurch, Reverend Peter Beck, had a different view:
"Thank God for earthquake strengthening ten years ago."
Wait a second ... thank God for the building codes? What about the earthquake itself, wasn't that God's work?


  1. No matter what the Pope says he is hated in Britain, Rome kicked the crap out of the Brits, and they still want to get even.

    And the earthquake isn't god's work. The US army has been using Haarp first to deter the shifting of the poles, and now they used it to cause earthquakes in Hait, Chile, and now New Zealand

  2. Dear Hipriestess4u:

    I think you need a new aluminum foil hat. It sounds like your old one has some holes in it.

  3. @Hipriestess4u
    So HAARP caused Pangaea to be what earth is now?

    Back to topic, religious folk always thank god for something good. For something bad, they say God has a plan. They can't just say, oh thanks to medicine, science, engineering, life is much better now.


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