Monday, March 29, 2010

Is the Collective Republican IQ Really This Low?

Here's a rather frightening poll. If these statistics are true, the Republican party should be ashamed of itself. Either that, or else the collective IQ of the Republican Party is so abysmal it's not smart enough to be ashamed. According to a new poll:
  • 57% of Republicans still believe Obama is a Muslim. (Ironic, given that he actually may be a closet atheist.)
  • 45% of Republicans still believe Obama wasn't born in the United States, even though the State of Hawaii produced his official birth certificate, and a notice of his birth was published in the newspaper.
You think those numbers are scary? There's one more:
  • 24% of Republicans think Obama is the antichrist. (Do they even know what an antichrist is?)
I think I'm in the wrong line of work. Spreading truth and wisdom is such an uphill battle, maybe I should give up and instead just spread drivel that people want to believe. It's so much easier.

How can people believe this utter nonsense in the face of clear and compelling facts?

I'd be willing to bet that the the fraction of Republicans who believe this drivel are the same ones who were raised in fundamentalist, evangelical churches. To them, believing in things that can't be true is just part of daily life. They're taught at an early age to reject rational thinking, and instead to rely on faith and on authority. They're taught to believe in miracles. Their most-revered figure is a God who is confusing, irrational, and both loving and vengeful at the same time. They're taught that they're sinners from the day they were born, and whenever something bad happens, it's somehow their own fault. They're taught that pride in their accomplishments is shameful, that sex is dirty, and that feeling abject about oneself and asking for forgiveness is good.

With this as one's educational foundation, is it any wonder that people can't think for themselves, and can't tell the truth from fiction?

I guess what the Democratic party needs is a bunch of equally-implausible conspiracy theories. Otherwise, they'll never be able to tap into this demographic group.


  1. The Democrats have "theories" of their own.

    Did you know that 57% of Democrats still believe that Obama is going to bring positive change. 45% of Democrats think Obama is going to bring the troops home like he promised. Now here's the scary one, 24% of Democrats think that social programs can level the playing field... Wow!

    See, I can make up numbers too ;)

    PS: They're all wrong by the way, everyone knows that statistics teachers are the antichrist!

  2. It seems the intelligence collective lies in the independent voters, be they Green, Libertarian, etc. Where did the Whigs and the Federalists go? Our founding fathers were rather left-wing for their time, many were not Christian, but Deist or Pagan.
    It's time the Pubs move grab their media demigod,Rush, and move to Caribou Country. They can tote all the guns and thump all the bible they want once they secede and rename Alaska to Limbaughland.
    Just an idea that might save the average American some sanity.

  3. Yeah, but how do you explain to them that their collective delusion, that they're the mainstream heart of America, is wrong, wrong, terribly wrong? They think they're America, when in fact they're the crazy fringe.

    Too bad Obama is so polite.

  4. Craig, you are from the school of "just because you say it it must be true" have listened too much to all the hyperbole about how unfair everyone is to Obama... you neglected many other things...relationships to old chicago politics, relationship with a convicted felon...(William Ayers)...all is clearly seperatist racist comments in HIS books...

    You should also go ahead and believe that Rush and Beck speak for all the repubs and conservatives as that is just plain stupid... the loud mouth minority of the party would follow those two ...the quiet conservatives are the ones you should worry about as their votes are plentyful and count just as much as yours...until Obama squelches that! Trying to paint everyone with your brought brush just resulted in splashing some paint of yourself!

  5. Anon - I'm trying to see how your comments relate to what I wrote, but I just don't see it. My blog was about how the Republican Party has within it a group of people who are incredibly gullible. I don't think anyone who manages to become President of the USA is without sin, and I never claimed that. Be careful not to extrapolate from my words to things I never said.


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