Monday, March 1, 2010

James The Mysterioso Predicts... Pat Roberson will...

I have great psychic powers ... something is coming to me ... yes, I can see it now, my crystal ball is clearing ... What's this? Why, it looks like an evangelical Christian, talking on TV. Why, it's Pat Robertson, and ... the words aren't clear ... Wait, the great Mysterioso James hears his words! He's saying that the Magnitude 8.8 earthquake in Chile is God's punishment! For sin!

No, it's even worse, God has spoken, personally, to Pat Roberson! It seems God wanted Pat to know this is the Apocalypse! Two earthquakes, what could be clearer than that? The End of Times has started!

Will the prediction of the Great Mysterioso James come true?


  1. predicting that Pat Roberson will be an ass is like predicting the sun will rise.

  2. He didn't go all apocalyptic. But he did spin his handy little devil story again. He did some research and found a folk tale of the people making a deal with Chupacabra.


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