Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Pat Robertson, Why Have You Forsaken Us?

Pat, Pat, where are you in our time of need? There's been a huge earthquake in Chile, and we can't figure out why! What is God's plan in this? What did those Chileans do to deserve God's wrath? How are we to know who to blame without your words of wisdom, Pat? You're letting us down! Your sage and godly explanation of the Haitian earthquake was so satisfying. It made us feel better!

We're so worried out here in California – are we due for another Big Earthquake? When we heard about Haiti, it was scary. But then you explained about their pact with the devil, and we knew we were safe because we didn't do anything dumb like that.

But what about Chile? Maybe they tried to let gays get married or something, just like we did! Please, Pat, can you talk to God again and find out what the story is down there in Chile? And let us know, as soon as you can. We're worried sick!


But there IS a fascinating story here: Another blogger published a satirical news release claiming that Pat Robertson did exactly that (blamed the Chilean earthquake on their worship of an ancient demon) and thousands of people believed it. Robertson has been so outrageous in the past that the readers read the false news and just said, "Oh, there he goes again!" He's made a fool of himself so many times that we don't even blink when he does it again.

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