Thursday, March 25, 2010

Pope Benedict XVI: The Heat is Turned Up

The Vatican is starting to feel more heat for Ratzinger (aka Pope Benedict XVI). In just a couple days, it's gone from a NY Times story to a worldwide scandal that is engulfing the Pope himself. Here are the headlines:

Pope Benedict faces child abuse cover-up queries - BBC
Abuse Scandal's Ripples Spread Across Europe – New York Times
Vatican defends decision not to defrock U.S. priest – Reuters
Vatican says it was unaware of alleged American priest abuse – CNN
Vatican halted trial for man accused by deaf boys – Associated Press
Pope 'failed to discipline US priest' who abused deaf children – The Guardian
Pope “failed to act” over abuse –
Father Murphy, molester of deaf children –

These and dozens more headlines are what happens to a religion that utterly denies our human sexuality. Of all the sexual "perversions" known to humankind, celibacy is probably the most unnatural, and the one practically guaranteed to make men do vile deeds.

And this most-unnatural sexual perversion, celibacy, is at the very heart of the Roman Catholic church. Why is anyone surprised that their priests, who are denied their most basic needs for sexual companionship, commit these grave crimes?

The only real surprise is that the scandal has been hidden for so many centuries.


  1. It's hilarious, in a very sad way, that they still can't see why western civilization is mad at them. If you ask a Catholic apologist, they'll say it's because individual priests did bad stuff (child rape, etc.). That's exactly wrong. We're mad at the individual rapists/other abusers for that. We're mad at the _organization_ because it saw covering up the crimes (and therefore facilitating future crimes) as more important than justice.

    I remember reading somewhere that Ratzinger was specifically selected as pope because he was the best to deal with the priests-raping-children crisis that they saw coming. How's that working out for ya'?

  2. as an atheist/former Roman Catholic, I can proudly say it's insanity like this that drove me from the Church. If a male like this Ratzinger is gawd's spokescreep on earth, what does it say about gawd? I say it's evidence gawd doesn't exist outside the minds of his deluded followers.


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